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Updated: Jan 28, 2019

This site came about from the coalescing of an intense desire to express my fondness for gaming, both in the modern sense as well as for the classics that hold a special place in many a gamer's heart, and offer my unique view of gaming in society spanning from the days of the NES to current trends including the emergence of eSports and the growing market of indie passion projects turned genre-defining mainstream titles. Gaming has come a long way since my time spent huddled in front of the family TV, NES gamepad in hand, intensely focused on the antics of a squat, mustachioed Italian plumber. Who knows what gaming will be like in another 30 years?

Cartridge Crazy at its core will be a place for me to sound off on my personal takes of the industry, gaming trends, tech, and retro collecting. However, similar to many Pokemon evolutions, as the brand grows and evolves it will likely take on new characteristics. The possibility also exists for additional contributors to join the team. After all, gaming is fundamentally a social experience.

As time passes I also hope to be able to invite you through podcasts, streams, and social media to enjoy various gaming events that I will be visiting. I am kicking myself for the poor timing of all of this since one of my favorite annual experiences, PAX South, just concluded with me having nothing to show of it on this brand new site. Ah well. There's always next year, and the rest of 2019 will yield plenty of additional opportunities for me to share my passions and experiences with you.

Until next time, gamer-guys and -gals!


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